Analysis of Wildlife Radio-Tracking Data by Gary C. White

By Gary C. White

With the colossal advances within the miniaturization of digital parts, flora and fauna biologists now normally display screen the activities of free-ranging animals with radio-tracking units. This publication explicates the numerous analytical options and computing device courses to be had to extract organic details from the radio monitoring info. Key Features:* Presentation of software program courses for fixing particular problems* Read more...

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Three pioneering studies using these smaller transmitters in conjunction with NIMBUS satellites have dem­ onstrated the potential utility of satellite tracking. Kolz et al. 6 kg. Although they experienced sev­ eral technical problems, a female bear was tracked for 390 days, during which she traveled approximately 1600 km. Schweinsburg and Lee (1982) also tracked polar bears in the Canadian Arctic region, with similar results, tracking one animal approximately 1000 km over 266 days. The third tracking experi­ ment involved attaching a transmitter to the carapace of a loggerhead turtle (Carena carend) released off the coast of Mississippi in the Gulf of Mexico (Timko and Kolz 1982).

Rx = r 2) , with angles of intersection of 90°. In fact, the most precise estimates of location are obtained immediately beside one of the towers where the two bearings intersect with an angle of 90°. 96s is the smallest. When all points with angles of intersection of 90° are plotted, a circle is formed centered between the two receiving points, with a diameter equal to the distance between the points (Fig. 8). The shape and the size of the error polygons can be mapped, because they are a function of the estimated location.

Nenno, E. S. and W. M. Healy. 1979. Effects of radio packages on behavior of wild turkey hens. J. Wildl. Manage. 4 3 : 7 6 0 - 7 6 5 . 39 Analysis of Wildlife Radio-Tracking Data Pank, L. R, W. L. Regelin, D. Beaty, and J. A. Curatolo. 1985. Performance of a prototype satellite tracking system for caribou. Pages 9 7 - 1 1 8 in R. W. Week and R M. Long eds. Proc. 5th Int. Conf. Wildl. Biotelemetry. Univ of Wyoming, Laramie. Patric, E. R, G. A. Shaughnessy, and G. B. Will. 1982. A bibliography of wildlife telemetry and radio tracking, Rhode Island Agric.

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