Alive to the Universe! A Layman's Handbook of by Robert E. Massy

By Robert E. Massy

This ebook is a realistic step by step trip into the exciting topic of diving. utilizing instruments comparable to pendulums and divining rods constructed by means of historic Egyptians we're proven how you can channel the subconscious brain and concentration the electromagnetic energies inside our personal worried process. Profound sensitivity and capability for multidimensional understanding lies dormant in most folks. This laymen's how-to guide is helping the seeker become aware of that strength and evolve, via uncomplicated logical practices, a supersensitivity to the rhythms of nature. on the age of nineteen, Robert E. Massy, with a doctorate in physics, had already accomplished a place as a lecturer on the collage point in his local England. Six years later he travelled North the United States as a learn physicist after which started learning the consequences of attention at the neuromuscular process less than the course of Christopher Hills (1926-1997), an English-born writer, thinker, and scientist, popularly defined because the "Father of Spirulina" for popularizing spirulina cyanobacteria as a nutrition complement. He additionally wrote 30 books on attention, meditation, yoga and non secular evolution, divining, international govt, aquaculture, and private health and wellbeing. At his collage of the bushes in Jamaica, Hills based an experimental laboratory, controlled Dr. Massy to improve his theories at the Electro Vibratory physique - documenting what Hills' colleague Stanford University's William A. Tiller Ph.D, calls "subtle energies" or "psychoenergetics". within the comparable 12 months that he released ALIVE TO THE UNIVERSE, Dr. Massey released "Hills' conception of cognizance: An Interpretation of Nuclear Evolution".

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