Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Airframe Handbook by U.S. Department of Transportation

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The recent work by Panovsky and Kielb, proposing a design method to prevent LP turbine blade flutter [Panovsky and Kielb, 2000], is a well-known attempt in this direction. This method (P-K method) is based on the finding that flutter stability of a turbine blade vibration mode is not only depending on the mode frequency and blade aerodynamic operating condition, but also on the blade modeshape. The flutter stability is still assessed by comparing the actual to critical reduced frequency, making the new method easily applicable.

Vibration Amplitude Distribution Influence 25 A comparison of Figures 3 to 5 shows the effect of a vibration amplitude ratio between the edge and internal blades of the sector on the aerodynamic stability of the sectored vane. A change in the vibration amplitude distribution from the uniform to the internal blades dominant stabilizes the sectored vane. While choosing the vibration amplitude with the edge airfoils dominant decreases the stability (Figs. 4a-c). 05 becomes smaller. While near the aft part of the reference vane suction surface the maximum of the critical reduced frequency values increases.

11. Thus, also for bending-dominated modes the similarity between the main stability and instability directions for the four-, five- and six-airfoil sectored vanes are observed. The differences in the level of aerodynamic damping are defined by the number of the airfoils in the corresponding sectored vane. As expected, increasing the number of airfoils in sector from four to six increases the aerodynamic stability of the cascade. 6. Conclusions A model for performing a stability analysis towards a reduced frequency and sector mode shape variation has been applied to a low-pressure turbine sectored vane.

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