Aerodinámica del automóvil de competición by Simon McBeath

By Simon McBeath

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Руководство по ремонту Renault 4L - выпускаемых 1962 - 1967гг. Подробное описание ремонта узлов и агрегатов автомобиля, электросхемы.

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Die komplexe Nutzfahrzeugtechnik anschaulich darzustellen ist Ziel dieses Werkes, das aus nine einzelnen, in sich abgeschlossenen Beiträgen besteht. Kompakt und intestine verständlich bietet es den Überblick heutiger Technik im Nutzfahrzeug. Ausgehend von den grundlegenden Anforderungen des Kunden werden die konzeptionsbestimmenden Charakteristika und Systeme in geschlossenen Beiträgen fundiert dargestellt.

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32) must be taken into account in such a way to introduce the relation dAe /dCce = Ae /Cce into Eq. 38) Note that the temperature of the hot fluid is the average over the element instead of the inlet one. The right hand side of the equation above is formally identical to that of Eq. 33) though in this case the area and the heat capacity refer to the element. The result expressed by Eq. 38) is physically equivalent to admit that the size of 2 Theoretical Development 20 the element is small. The smaller the element the more accurate will be the solution of the set of governing equations of the element.

This is a significantly lower value than that found by Bes (1996), but still too high to be neglected. It could be argued that these errors are rather low for practical purposes. However, if one considers that in design analysis, the effectiveness is known and the NTU value must be determined from it in order to evaluate the product UA, this conclusion might be questionable. As previously suggested, Navarro and Cabezas-Gómez (2005) have shown that a very small error in the effectiveness can cause NTU errors of more than one order of magnitude higher in the high values of NTU range.

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