Activism and Rhetoric: Theories and Contexts for Political by Seth Kahn, JongHwa Lee

By Seth Kahn, JongHwa Lee

This volume examines the position of rhetoric in today’s tradition of democratic activism. the amount takes on of the main major demanding situations at present dealing with modern rhetorical reviews: (1) the contested meanings and practices of democracy and civic engagement in worldwide context, and (2) the relevant function of rhetoric in democratic activist practices. In featuring numerous political and rhetorical struggles of their particular contexts, editors Seth Kahn and JongHwa Lee permit individuals to mirror on and intricate percentages for either activist methods to rhetorical reports, and rhetorical techniques to activist tasks, facilitating larger knowing the socio-political results of this paintings.

With individuals from well known students in verbal exchange and composition reviews, the gathering deals functional situations that spotlight how rhetoric mediates, constitutes, and/or intervenes in democratic ideas and practices. It additionally considers theoretical questions that recognize profound voids within the rhetorical culture (e.g., Western, neo-Aristotelian, liberal) and extend the horizon of conventional rhetorical views. It advocates new wisdom and practices that additional advertise civic engagement, social switch and democracy within the international context.

Activism and Rhetoric will be acceptable for students and scholars throughout disciplines, including rhetoric, composition, verbal exchange stories, political technology, cultural experiences, and women’s reviews.

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I had a hard time deciphering the memo at first; it was written in a language that seemed quite unusual to me. After some serious hairpulling during the process of interpretation, the memo seemed to suggest: (1) with any intervention, there is no guarantee of historical progress with its promised utopian telos, (2) for any moral argument there is no philosophical ground or justification, which is only deferred by its discursivity and cultural prejudice, and, therefore, (3) without guarantee and without “final battle,” we can only engage in permanent criticism with self-reflexivity.

I start to remember certain faces and certain memories. This essay is a reflection on my paths, my choices, to be here, why I made those turns to get here, and where I am heading, as an activist-scholar. On my journey, I have seen people everywhere dehumanized, silenced, demoralized, divided up, and beaten/killed by the oppressive power, sometimes by the “law of the jungle” or sheer hypocrisy. I believe that there is a real urgency that demands our activist scholarship where our choices matter.

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