A User's Guide to Aspect Ratio Comversion

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United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia - Alexandria Division. Sundaram, Ravi (2010). "Pirate Modernity: Delhi's media urbanism". New York: Routledge. Tehranian,John (2011). "Parchment, pixels and personhood: User rights and the IP (Identity Politics) of IP (Intellectual Property)". Colorado Law Review, 82:1, 1-84. "The mega-money world of MegaUpload" (2010). TorrentFreak 6 June 2010. com/the-mega-money-worldof-megaupload-100606/ Tsukayama, Hayley (2012). "Google to state anti-SOPA stance on home page," The Washington Post, 17January 2012.

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Indeed, it may be that the file sharer's claim that their activities are not harming anyone is a way of justifying their participation in some ethically dubious behaviour. For example, Hinduja argues that, "individuals are largely allegiant (rather than oppositional) to a normative belief system, and must therefore employ justifications to engage in deviant behavior" (2007, 190-91). If we were to accept that piracy is a form of deviance, then would we not expect file sharers to justify their own actions to make them less morally reprehensible?

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