A Treasury of Science by Harlow Shapley, Samuel Rapport, Helen Wright

By Harlow Shapley, Samuel Rapport, Helen Wright


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Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements

Every little thing is made from them, from the furthest reaches of the universe to this booklet that you just carry on your arms, together with you. such as you, the weather have lives: personalities and attitudes, abilities and shortcomings, tales wealthy with which means. you might imagine of them because the inscrutable letters of the periodic desk yet you recognize them far better than you have an understanding of.

Das Relativitätsprinzip: Eine Sammlung von Abhandlungen

Das vorliegende Buch bietet eine klassische, immer noch aktuelle Einführung in die Probleme und die Entwicklung der Relativitätstheorie anhand von Originalarbeiten. Der a hundred. Geburtstag der Allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie im November 2015 dient nun als Anlass zur Herausgabe der um neun weitere Artikel ergänzten Neuauflage dieses Klassikers.

The Strange: Mastodon

Former participants of a mystery army program—codename: Mastodon—are being murdered. The computers have been as soon as a part of that now-defunct software, which explored the army purposes of paranormal talents. Are they subsequent? no longer in the event that they can discover who or what’s at the back of the murders—and cease them. yet will they must enterprise past our fact to discover a killer lengthy idea lifeless?

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This is un- many families among all the peoples of years ago we recognized not eight, but forty. Some day perhaps we shall cut the total to four. The understanding of the Mayan process is a step toward that day; it is unlikely that Mayan will remain an isolated way of speech unconnected with any other. We know now that certain tribes in Wyoming speak languages akin to those of others in Panama; we have charted the big masses and islands of that reasonable: there are hardly that the Old World. Twenty group of tongues and from the chart begin to see the outlines of great movements and crashing historical events in the dim past.

Didn't like this delay. Five minutes 'Gentlemen,' I began, but was cut short "But I ten went by. by an express train coming on into a siding; on on to the main past. We were moving again, track; and on with a bump and a crash and a succession of crashes, running the length of the train; on at a turtle's pace, for the bell rope, left the quickly jumping way but on, when the fireman, to the step free, and the chance had come! "I never touched the step, but landed in the soft sand at the side of the track, and made a line for the yard fence.

Twenty group of tongues and from the chart begin to see the outlines of great movements and crashing historical events in the dim past. If we should similarly develop a relationship between Mayan and, let's say, the languages of the Mississippi Valley, again we should offer something provoc- ative to the archaeologist, the historian, the student of day we mankind. Some show an unquestionable kinship between some of these families and certain languages of the Old World and with it cast a new light on the dim subject of the peopling of the Americas, something to guide our minds back past the Arctic to dark tribes moving blindly from shall the high plateaus of Asia.

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