A Revision of the Far East Asian Aphidiidae (Hymenoptera) by Peter Stary, Evert I. Schlinger (auth.)

By Peter Stary, Evert I. Schlinger (auth.)

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Antennae I I -segmented. Mesoscutum smooth, sparsely haired. Notaulices at least partly distinct. Propodeum areolated, discs of areolae smooth, sometimes slightly rugose along carinae. Abdomen lanceolate, sparsely haired. Tergite I rugose or partly smooth. Ovipositor sheaths long and narrow, gradually and evenly narrowing towards apex; sheaths with scattered hairs. General distribution: Palearctic, Nearctic, Ethiopian and Oriental regions. ) campestris STARY Ephedrus (Ephedrus) campestris STARY, 1962, Opusc.

Flagellar segments I and 2 of equal length, more than S times as long as wide. Antennal socket diameter twice as long as socket-ocular line. Mesoscutum falling rather vertically to the prothorax, without covering it when viewed laterally, smooth, with sparse long hairs along effaced notaulices. Notaulices effaced. Propodeum (fig. lIS) with two distinct divergent carinae at the lower part, nearly smooth, sparsely haired. Fore wing (fig. 161): Pterostigma more than 3 times as long as wide. Pterostigmal cell complete.

Abdomen lanceolate in females and rounded in males. Tergite I either slender and long or nearly square, with various sculpturing (coarsely rugose to nearly smooth). Ovipositor sheaths either slender and long, with scattered hairs and nearly truncate or rounded at apex, or wide, relatively quickly narrowing towards apex, densely pubescent throughout and bluntly point at apex. General distribution: Palearctic, Nearctic, Ethiopian and Oriental regions. Bionomics of species: Parasites of aphids, and pupation occurs inside host.

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