A (New) burning cost method in case of trend by Kremer E.

By Kremer E.

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In two such controversial high-demand communities with reputations like these, I found websites with accounts of former members, including children, who told stories that broke my heart. I would never join such groups, and I don’t want you to either! So, to summarize, unlike with the Borg, you don’t get “assimilated”when you join a community. You have total control over which community you might join, and you can and should get abundant information about a community before you even consider joining it.

Increased responsibility. • Broader set of skills. • Broader general (useful) knowledge. • Increased awareness of personal limitations. “What makes communities tend to foster these similar patterns of personal change? First, communities are small social entities so the social relationships among members are intimate and intense. And because communities are self-selecting, inevitably more homogeneity is present than in the culture at large. And most communities are, to some degree, socially self-reliant.

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