A characteristic property of spherical caps by Ripoll J.

By Ripoll J.

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For example, if you have dial-up Internet service and go online for an hour a day, but use the computer for other activities while not online, there is no reason to have an instant messenger (IM) program running in the background. It makes more sense to start the IM program when you go online and turn it off when you go offline. Some video adapter software puts an icon in the tray, but it is rarely necessary. Generally, the only icons that don't use a meaningful amount of resources are the Windows Volume Control, the Power Properties icon that can appear based on a check box in the Power Options applet described earlier in this chapter, the Network Connection icon, and, in notebook computers, the Unplug or Eject Hardware icon.

Make sure the board is not under warranty when you do this; peeling off the sticker might void an active warranty. On the CD See the Industry Contacts document on the accompanying CD-ROM for manufacturer contact information. DIP Switches and Jumpers All boards have DIP switches and/or jumpers (see Chapter 2 for general information on these). Depending on the board, these are used to select such settings as the speed and family of the processor, and there might also 52 Chapter 3: Motherboards and Their Components Chapter 3: Motherboards and Their Components 53 jumpers to reset the CMOS, redirect the sound from the rear to front connectors, select the type of memory to install, and others.

A better way to remove icons is by using MSConfig. MSConfig (98, Me, and XP, Can Be Added to 2000) This applet provides a convenient graphical interface to allow you to easily stop a program from loading with Windows. Go to Start > Run and enter msconfig. Then, click OK. When the program appears, click the Startup tab. You'll see a list of programs, each with a check box next to it. As you might have guessed, each selected check box indicates that the program will start with Windows. Clear any that you don't want to start, but do so one check box at a time.

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